WRP was formed in the mid 90's, initially as a radio program called 'The Radiophonic Workeshoppe', in homage to the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.  This was a time where the Internet was starting to come into its own as a multi media entity, pre social media, pre 'cloud' infrastructure and so on.

Matt The PM was host of 'TRW' for a short period until a brief scare (more on that later) caused him to change the name of the show to 'Workeshoppe Radio Phonik', or 'WRP'.

WRP, as it was known, performed live experimental 'free noise' on the air, similar to shows such as KPFA's 'Over The Edge' with free noise group Negativland.

In 1997, front man and great American Pimpdaddysupreme joined along with the group and helped tailor WRP to what it is today.

Pimpdaddysupreme (PDS, for short) is well known in the 'mash up' music scene, having performed at many events, including BootieATL, BootieSF, DragonCon, among others.